What’s the Key to Optimizing Outdoor Wi-Fi for Modern Needs?

When seeking the ideal outdoor Wi-Fi solution, what you need is more than just a Wi-Fi Access Point (AP); it’s a reliable partner you can entrust with critical tasks. In today’s era of extensive digitalization, a reliable Wi-Fi network transcends being a mere necessity; it’s an essential cornerstone for any application scenario. Particularly in outdoor […]

Edgecore Wi-Fi Remote Site Solution: Revolutionizing Connectivity with SDW102 Series

In today’s era of digitalization and increasing remote work, businesses face the challenge of maintaining stable, secure, and efficient networks across geographically dispersed locations. The Edgecore Wi-Fi offers a comprehensive solution- Remote Site Solution, with the SDW102 series playing a crucial role.   A Comprehensive Remote Site Network Solution Edgecore Wi-Fi provides a complete solution […]

EAP111: The Must-Have Wi-Fi AP for Your 2024 Procurement List

At the inception of the EAP111 project, Edgecore Wi-Fi product team delved into a fundamental discussion: “As an ISP, is it possible to find a Wi-Fi Access Point (AP) that not only fulfills the general needs of most customers but also caters to specific requirements in diverse environmental conditions?” Traditionally, Wi-Fi APs have been classified […]