[ecCLOUD] Cloud Update 2021-08-05

    New Feature

    We create Wifi6 Page for Wifi6 products (EAP101) in Site level Configuration.

    Support WPA3 Personal, WPA3 Personal Transition, WPA3 Enterprise, WPA3 Enterprise Transition in WiFi6 page


    Other Changes

  • • Resolved in some situation LinqBudget Save file cannot be clicked.
  • • Resolved issue in which certificate couldn't be uploaded in Authport.
  • • Resolved in some situation user cannot save configuration correctly for SP-W2 Mini.
  • • Resolved Invoice cannot be downloaded in Payment confirmation.
  • • Separated original "Wifi Access" page to "Wifi5" and "Wifi6" page. Non Wifi6 devices, please refer to Wifi5 page for doing the necessary configuration.
  • [ecCLOUD] LinqPath PRO version will no longer be available after July 31, 2021. 2021-07-08

    Not to be confused with the standard free 60GHz LinqPath tool available in ecCLOUD, the Add-on and paid service “LinqPath PRO” will no longer be available after July 31, 2021.

    Although the LinqPath PRO version will no longer be available, the free version will continue to be available. The free version will continue to provide estimated signal and throughput numbers for 60GHz Metrolinq and 60GHz Terragraph links.

    If there is any problem, please contact ecwifi@edge-core.com

    [OpenWiFi] Edgecore TIP OpenWiFi APs support the OpenWiFi 2.0 2021-06-21

    Upgrade OpenWiFi 1.x to OpenWiFi 2.x Devices

    Click the link below for more information: https://telecominfraproject.atlassian.net/l/c/9JEmjjFE

    [WLAN Controller] New firmware for EWS5203 2021-06-07

    This newer firmware version enhances the stability of the controller, and if you are interested please contact ecwifi@edge-core.com

    [ecCLOUD] Cloud Update 2021-06-04

    New Feature

    We understand it might be time consuming when performing the upgrade to the device two times. Therefore cloud now supports we can perform the upgrade once and it will apply to both bootbanks.

    Cloud now supports displaying firmware version for two bootbank for some models.

    Other Changes

  • • In some situation, cloud will generates two duplicate SSID, this behavior is now resolved.
  • • Resolved in some situation users cannot successfully change the SSID setting.
  • • Resolved in some situation which have some billing error.
  • [WLAN Controller]New Firmware Release v3.45.00 2019-08-22

    Edgecore released new firmware updates for its EWS-series Controller and ECW/ECWO-series AP v3.45.0000.

  • Key features updated in this version:
  • • Social Media "Twitter" and "dAccount" support in Social Media Login
  • • WYSIWYG editor support in Login Page Customization
  • • Integration with "Innkey PMS" and "IDS Next PMS"
  • • Support on-demand Smart Login
    (Allow on-demand user to login automatically for a certain period of time)
  • • Support Edgecore switch management
    (To learn more about supported switch models, please contact Edgecore Sales or Tech Support Team)
  • • Automatic AP firmware upgrade
  • • Automatic periodically system backup
  • • Increase maximum number of online users
  • • Increase number of managed APs
  • • Exportable AP list
  • • Alarm and Event Management
  • • SNMP proxy for AP
  • • Certificate regeneration
  • • Dashboard display customization
  • • HTTPS security upgrade to TLS1.2, TLS1.3
  • For more information, please contact Edgecore Wi-Fi Tech Support team at ecwifi@edge-core.com.