You have to use Wi-Fi anyway,
why not use the one with smart location?

1-Minute Fast Action

  • List contacts with tracing targets
  • List traffic hot zone
  • List peak time venues
  • List visitor footprint and location records
  • List footprints of specified individuals
  • Stay Up-to-Date

  • Daily hot zone and peak time analysis report
  • Daily footprint analysis report by employee/visitor/defined object
  • Daily device activities report
  • Use Cases

    Track Visitor Footprints To Increase Venue Safety

  • Personnel access control
  • Visitor/vendor footprint management
  • Rental property management
  • Locate Risky Footprints for Taking Immediate Action

  • Contact tracing for Pandemic
  • Visitor identification in public spaces
  • Emergency evacuation and disaster response positioning
  • Analyze Real-time Traffic Flows to Improve Management Efficiency

  • Power/air conditioning/elevator usage adjustment
  • Manpower planning and deployment
  • edgecore smart tracing, smart indoor location solution
  • No need to purchase additional sensors, quickly mark/identify the location
  • Quick search, smart setting, abnormal alert
  • Automatically record the entry and exit of people, the number of changes, and the flow of people
  • Real-time dynamic floor plan, keep abreast of key data
  • Detect people/device location, integrate with internal tools
  • Continue to collect and build a massive data database
  • 30-Day Free Smart Indoor Location Solution

    Those who have purchased and deployed Edgecore Wi-Fi 6 and designated Wi-Fi 5 models can apply for an upgraded trial.
    (The Smart Indoor Location Solution with the ecCLOUD cloud management platform supports Edgecore Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 5 SP-W2-AC1200 now. More supported models coming soon.)
    (The Smart Indoor Location Solution trial includes a 30-day free ecCLOUD service (where you can manage up to 50 Wi-Fi APs), and an add-on 30-day free smart indoor positioning cloud service.)

    For those that have newly purchased Edgecore Wi-Fi AP products, a special offer with the Smart Indoor Location Solution is available.
    Please contact us for more details.
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