Cloud Controller (Prodesp Project)

With AP management, user authentication, policy assignment, traffic shaping, firewall features, and much more all packaged into a single box, the Cloud Controller provides network administrators with a reliable, easy-to-use, and centralized management console for an entire organization’s wireless network infrastructure.

With AP management, user authentication, policy assignment, traffic shaping, firewall features, and much more all packaged into a single box, the Cloud Controller provides network administrators with a reliable, easy-to-use, and centralized management console for an entire organization’s wireless network infrastructure.

The Cloud Controller can be deployed and configured easily by anyone, including non-wireless savvy users. For example, automated AP discovery prevents network administrators from having to go through the hassle of individually adding and configuring each access point. Access points as well as connected Wi-Fi devices can then be monitored and managed from a centralized point, with extensive logging & reporting features to assist in troubleshooting and maintenance.

As Wi-Fi enabled handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets become ever so prevalent in our daily lives, businesses and network operators alike are faced with a mind-boggling dilemma – how to simultaneously address the needs of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), manage Wi-Fi users, and maintain network service quality for mission critical applications. The Cloud Controller is designed exactly with these requirements in mind, and with a total cost of ownership that satisfies even the most price conscious, organizations are guaranteed to receive an unmatched ROI on their wireless LAN infrastructure.

  • Key Specifications
    • Cloud controller is a cloud platform, available in an ISO27001 certified environment. This platform will be responsible for the following functions on the wireless network: administration, configuration and complete centralized management of WiFi access points (specified in this annex), security functions for access, security functions for data traffic and control, security management functions RF (Radio frequency), user management functions and user device management functions.
    • 99.6% uptime (availability) per year. The solution should not yet have a license restriction that limits the number of Access Points to be controlled by it, being scalable to manage at least 10,000 (ten thousand) access points in the same administration console.
    • Web Management Console accessible through the Encrypted protocol, compatible with the main browsers on the market (Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome), also allowing access to the Console through mobile devices with IOS and Android operating system.
    • Allow enabling and disabling SSID’s automatically and with periodic scheduling.
    • Automatic procedures for configuration, correction and improvement of coverage and availability of access points must be performed.
    • Integrated management tool for multiple locations.
    • Heat Map included.
    • Perform radio frequency optimization, monitoring and alerts.
    • Upgrade the WiFi access point software.
    • Employ data encryption in the communication channel with WiFi access points, such as TLS, SSL, IPSEC and others.
    • Allow the creation of multiple distinct and segregated networks, but managed in the same console, thus allowing the segmentation and grouping of Access Points that have common objectives, allowing a better organization of the managed equipment environment.
    • Allow the creation of user accounts for access to the WiFi network. These users must be stored in the Wireless cloud controller solution itself.
    • Allow authentication mechanism through customizable web portal (customizable captive portal) for visiting customers, with user and password. This mechanism should allow even if the visiting customer creates his own user account, which must be validated by means of a message to be sent to the email informed by the visiting customer during registration. In case the solution generates a user and / or password automatically, this data must be informed to the visitor through e-mail or sms, or captive portal. The entire process must be performed without the intervention of the solution administrator who controls the wireless cloud solution.
    • Allow the visualization of a set of analysis information of the Access Points that are part of the wireless network, providing at least the following information.
    • List of connected Access Points, providing at least the information of Name, MAC Address, Equipment model and IP address.
    • Number of devices connected to each Access Point, data volume used, availability time and SSIDs.
    • Location of Access Points in a floor plan inserted in the system, incorporating information about the managed equipment.
    • Have proof of concept of the equipment offered, to validate that they meet all the above mentioned items and we have until 06/24 to request any clarification.
    • Requests technical training, as follows:
    • 1. Techinical Training
    • 2. Describe in detail techniques of modulation and propagation and how they are used with different types of antennas.
    • 3. Install and configure WiFi Access Points.
    • 4. Basically configure a WiFi network.
    • 5. Configure advanced WiFi functionality through the wireless cloud controller solution including captive portal and 802.1x authentication.
    • 6. Implement WiFi network management and control solutions.
    • 7. Know concepts and methods for applying security in a WiFi environment.
    • 8. Know advanced features for better use of the equipment and software purchased.
    • 9. Understand in detail the characteristics, functionalities and benefits of the architecture of a wireless network based on a wireless cloud controller.
    • 10. Install and configure wireless networks in detail using the wireless cloud controller platform, including visibility and monitoring features.
    • 11. Perform troubleshooting in the aspects of hardware and software and keep wireless networks operating.
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Hotspot Billing & Guest Wi-Fi
  • Customizable Captive Portal
  • Social Media Login
  • Guest On-Demand Accounts
  • Multiple Billing Plans & User Quotas
  • SMS & Payment Gateway Interfaces
  • Hotel PMS Integration
  • Location-based Login Advertisements
  • Multi-factor Email Verification
  • Flexible On-Demand API
  • Unique Service Zone Access Restrictions
Complete User Management
  • 802.1X or Browser-based Authentication
  • Simultaneous Authentiaction Databses
  • Flexible Role-based User Policies
  • Schedule-based Policy Assignment
  • User Bandwidth Control, Firewall, and Routing
  • MAC/IP Privilege Lists and Blacklists
  • Detailed User Browsing History
  • User Session Control & Limits
  • Traffic Isolation by SSID or Service Zone
  • User Event Logs & Traffic Statistics
Wi-Fi Performance Optimization
  • Centralized AP Provisioning & Management
  • Configurable Connectivity Thresholds
  • Airtime Fairness & Band Steering
  • AP Grouping & Load Balancing
  • Rogue AP Detection
  • Seamless & Fast Roaming
  • Map-based AP Visualization
  • AP Status Monitoring & Notifications
  • Built-in Network Troubleshooting Utilities
  • High Availability & System Redundancy