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The trend of making offices a place for collaboration has been going on for years, but the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the dial. Social distancing requirements across the world have prompted thousands of companies and millions of employees to discover the benefits of a flexible work environment. This shift to remote work and hybrid workspace forces organizations to take a more systematic and strategic approach to connecting remote workers to applications and data.
Edgecore is here to help!
Edgecore's Work-from-Anywhere (WFA) solution includes feature-rich SD-WAN devices, the SDW-series that address those networking issues, providing organizations a plug-and-play, secure, agile, reliable mechanism to deliver enterprise-grade services to their remote workers.

Edgecore SD-WAN Solution

Edgecore's SD-WAN solution is to address those network issues and able to provide robust, secure, adaptive network services on demand. By enhancing or substituting the traditional branch networking devices with virtualization appliances that can be programmed to understand the nature of traffic it is handling and dynamically adjust accordingly, latency-sensitive traffic for applications such as video and voice, need to be continuously monitored and prioritized, which requires such things as application recognition, traffic re-routing, load-balancing, bandwidth- control, automation fail-over, that MPLS connections simply cannot provide.

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Work From AnyWhere Solution

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