NetExperience is leading the transition to a disaggregated Wi-Fi network. NetExperience Cloud platform allows service providers to integrate WLAN controller and management capabilities into their back office. The platform is compatible with the three key components of the Telecom Infra Project Wi-Fi architecture: CloudSDK, certified open source Access Point software and compatible Access Point hardware. NetExperience is a contributor and co-manager of the TIP open source CloudSDK and AP software.

Tanaza is a leading provider of cloud-based wireless management software. Its platform enables MSPs and IT professionals to easily manage and monitor their wireless networks with high levels of operational efficiency and flexibility. Tanaza is a TIP OpenWIFI partner.

Wavespot is a leading provider of wifi network infrastructure and location-based services for industries such as quick-service restaurants, retail, hospitality, and healthcare. With its multi-vendor cloud controller and AI-powered analytics, Wavespot helps businesses improve their operations and customer experience through insights and automation.

Tallac Networks delivers Remote Site Automation solutions enabling a new level of automation and control of the branch office via a cloud-based solution that offers faster response and resolution to common branch office issues without having to send your IT tech on-site.
Tallac delivers SD-Branch automation using Software Defined Mobility ™ to deliver solutions providing cloud-based management and automation capabilities for your wired, wireless, and branch office environments. Tallac is a leading innovator in Remote Site Automation solutions, and in partnership with the Telecom Infra Project (TIP), is also a leader in providing WiFi6 Open Wi-Fi solutions.

Sartura Ltd. specializes in providing development and integration services for network edge and CPE software. By integrating devices into Open Source embedded distributions, assembling Open Source components into complete solutions or delivering on-demand applications, Sartura equips companies with services needed to successfully deliver and differentiate their products on the market. Sartura is recognized by renowned companies from diverse industry sectors as the go-to partner for leveraging Open Source technologies on their products.

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