Edgecore AIOps Wi-Fi Solution, the Aprecomm VWE solution launched on the ecCLOUD addon platform, allows users to activate the add-on service through subscription-on-demand and immediately integrate the AIOps service with their own Wi-Fi networks. The IT team can find network problems from different networks, sites, APs, and end devices through AI algorithms by enabling VWE's built-in AI engine. VWE provides detailed information on the AP signal, channel use, client bandwidth, and device status while the client is moving among different APs, etc., to solve the network problem.

Enterprise Wi-Fi Challenge

Edgecore WiFi AIOps Solution Aprecomm VWE

According to Aprecomm's test data, after activating the VWE AIOps application, it only takes 13 minutes on average for the IT team to discover network problems and immediately provide solutions to solve the issues, which reduces downtime pertaining to Wi-Fi issues by 90%. VWE not only significantly reduces the IT team's workload, but also greatly improves the overall network experience

Edgecore AIOps Wi-Fi Solution, the Aprecomm VWE solution

Automate, Enhance, and Simplify Network Operations

Combines big data and machine learning to automate IT operations, enhance IT efficiency, and simplify network operation.

  • In-depth insights into Wi-Fi analytics powered by machine learning
  • Improving real-time visibility of Wi-Fi connections
  • Identify Wi-Fi issues instantly with end-to-end network monitoring

Get 3-month Free Trial

Edgecore launches a 3-month free trial, allowing customers to experience firsthand!
3-month free trial of ecCLOUD + Aprecomm VWE service
Applicable up to 50 APs
This free trial is limited to 100 participants, while supplies last

The Wi-Fi AIOps Solution

For network owners that need to provide a high-quality user experience and highly efficient network, the VWE management interface will display the status of each site, AP, and client in the network, as well as the current network problems and conditions. The IT team can view the real-time network performance, and VWE can analyze the connectivity, performance, roaming, stability, and so on to find the AP devices and causes of resulting problems and list the affected devices.

Edgecore WiFi AIOps Solution

Aprecomm VWE Makes Devices Interactive

Edgecore WiFi AIOps Solution, Wi-Fi AIOps, Aprecomm VWE Service

The key features of Aprecomm’s VWE service that create higher efficiency of Wi-Fi network operation with AI capabilities are as follows:

  • Intelligent Frequency Selection (IFS): Uses the AI-engine to intelligently select a channel based on the quality-of-experience, observed interference patterns over time, bandwidth considerations, and several other factors.
  • Intelligent Client Steering (ICS): Forces clients onto an optimized band through 11v and other steering methods. The best-suited band is considered based on quality-of-experience metrics.
  • Intelligent Cell Adapt (ICA): Enhances roaming performance through intelligent decisions on when to roam based on quality-of-experience metrics across APs.

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