ecCLOUD Cloud Controller
Easy, powerful, & affordable cloud-managed WiFi
Edgecore ecCLOUD cloud controller, wired and wireless devices management
ecCLOUD provides unified visibility and control over wired and wireless devices, simplifying deployment, management and monitoring of your single-site or multi-site network. ecCLOUD provides feature rich, scalable, and ease of centralized management for networks of any size.
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Multi-Site, Multi-Level Management
ecCLOUD simplifies the task of device deployment, management and monitoring of hosting a network at a single site or multiple sites across different geographical locations. ecCLOUD also provides scalable network management, enabling service providers to scale the deployment after initial deployment. Furthermore, ecCLOUD enables service providers to create multiple administrator accounts with differentiated privileges, increasing management security. Edgecore WiFi Solution, ecCLOUD, cloud controller, cloud solution, multi-site management
Centralized Device Management
Edgecore WiFi Solution, ecCLOUD, cloud solution, centralized devices management Manage all of your wired and wireless networks from anywhere using the intuitive user interface and enabling intelligent network management. Features such as automatic provisioning aim to reduce initial deployment complexities. Network administrators can also easily monitor devices in distributed sites or branch offices using the integrated map-based view, pushing configuration templates when necessary and collecting network statistics real-time.
Service Plan by Volume & Time
ecCLOUD provides authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA), security, guest access management. The built-in account database allows you to create accounts on demand with service plan. Multiple service plans can be enabled to create tiered Wi-Fi service with different usage quotas, time, and number of device per account. In this way, you can limit network usage of each account to avoid abuse of network resources. Edgecore WiFi Solution, cloud solution, ecCLOUD, user management, service plan
SSID-based Custom Captive Portal
Edgecore ecCLOUD, cloud solution, customized captive portal, AAA, user authentication
Customized Captive Portals can benefit your network much more than you can imagine. ecCLOUD supports captive portal, or splash page, network administrators can quickly enable unique Wi-Fi login pages per SSID. Each login page is fully customizable to show unique branding or advertisements. With the built-in captive portal editor, you can drag and drop modules to easily craft your captive portal even if you’re not familiar with coding.
Logs, Reports & Monitoring
Edgecore ecCLOUD remotely monitoring, troubleshooting, management
ecCLOUD offers logs & reports from its monitoring interface, including service devices status, real-time client list with traffic usage, uptime, and association SSID, etc. ecCLOUD supports instant notification of alerts for the issues in your IT operations environment, allowing the administrator to rapidly identify problem causes and minimize service disruptions, increasing customer satisfaction, and protecting revenue.
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Edgecore centralized AP management
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Register ecCLOUD Now & Get Free Trial of AuthPort Add-on
Edgecore WiFi Solution, ecCLOUD, cloud solution, centralized devices management Free trial until the end of 2020!
AuthPort enables the built-in authentication server of ecCLOUD, supporting authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) function with pre-defined service plans for wireless clients. Captive Portal Editor is also included to help you quickly customize your Wi-Fi login pages per SSID.
Edgecore WiFi Solution, ecCLOUD, cloud solution, centralized devices management
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