Increasing Wi-Fi Connectivity with Edgecore Networks & Facebook Express Wi-Fi
Edgecore Facebook Express WiFi solution
The cooperation of Edgecore Networks & Facebook Express Wi-Fi provides a fast, affordable, and reliable Wi-Fi to worldwide, giving people the power to build community and bring the world closer together
Edgecore WiFi Solution, Facebook Express WiFi
Edgecore WiFi Solution, Centralized AP management Centralized AP Management
Edgecore provides an intuitive AP management interface and enabling intelligent network management. Features such as automatic discovery& provisioning aim to reduce initial deployment complexities, while AP Load Balancing and Rogue AP Detection further enhance network performance and security.
Customer Insights &
In-depth Analysis
Edgecore WiFi Solution, Customer Insights
With an in-depth analysis of customers’ behavior, business owners can define and fully understand their target audience. They can then optimize product offerings and promotional programs, leading to more effective campaigns and increased revenue.
Edgecore WiFi Solution, Customized Captive Portal Customized Captive Portal
A captive portal for logging in to a Wi-Fi network is fully customizable and it can be used to promote a specific brand or display location-based advertisements.
Billing Plans &
On-demand Accounts
Edgecore WiFi Solution, Billing Plans
By limiting free Wi-Fi access by duration or time, venue owners can better maintain open seats for new purchasing customers. Multiple billing plans can also be enabled to create tiered Wi-Fi service with different usage quotas, price, and network access privileges.
Edgecore WiFi Solution, Wi-Fi Monetization Advertising Campaigns &
Wi-Fi Monetization
The customized captive portal allows the business owner to configure the advertisement at targeted hotspots to display their logo or promotional image. Express Wi-Fi also provides watch video and receive data pack solution. Businesses can provide data in exchange for ad views as an effective method for subsidizing cost of user acquisition.
Express Wi-Fi Certified Access Points
Edgecore AP ECW5211-L Edgecore AP ECWO5211-L Edgecore AP ECWO5212-L Edgecore AP ECWO5213-L
ECW5211-L ECWO5211-L ECWO5212-L ECWO5213-L
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Edgecore WiFi Solution, Hotel managed WiFi
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