OAP100 Enterprise-grade Outdoor Access Point
Your Perfect Choice for Corporate and Public WLAN Networks
Edgecore WiFi Solution, OAP100 outdoor access point
Edgecore is Honored for Receiving the Taiwan Excellence Award 2020 with Enterprise-grade Outdoor Access Point - OAP100
Edgecore OAP100 outdoor Access Point for public WLAN networks
Edgecore WiFi Solution Built-in Software Selectable Antenna
Edgecore outdoor AP Built-in software selectable antenna
The OAP100 is built-in with software selectable dual-mode antennas. Users can switch the antenna mode, omni or patch antenna, via software to support PtP, PtMP or wireless hotspot applications, which not only reduces the complexity of outdoor deployment, also ensures the overall network performance.
Edgecore WiFi Solution Built-in Electronic Compass
Edgecore outdoor AP Built-in Electronic Compass
G-sensor is a deployment auxiliary that helps users with antenna calibration. The G-sensor will transmit the antenna alignment degree to the user interface to help users quickly align two long-distance transmission APs.
Edgecore WiFi Solution Built-in GPS Edgecore WiFi Solution Support PoE Out
Edgecore outdoor AP built-in GPS Edgecore AP Support PoE Out
The deployed devices will be automatically displayed on the map. Administrators can view the location of the installations on user interface, to easily manage and maintain the network. OAP100 supports PoE out that provides power to devices such as IP cameras, which greatly simplifies installation. Moreover, OAP100 supports Dying GASP which would notify the system to respond when the PoE power supply is lost.
Edgecore WiFi Solution Built-in BLE Edgecore WiFi Solution Integration with 4G LTE Modem
Edgecore outdoor AP built-in BLE for location-based advertising Edgecore outdoor AP Integration with 4G LTE Modem
OAP100's integration with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) enables new value-added applications such as location tracking, iBeacon, and other location-based services. OAP100 supports CAT4 LTE module, which allows users to purchase LTE modules for being another wireless backhaul backup network or serving as the main Internet service.
Edgecore WiFi Solution Flexible Installation
Edgecore Outdoor AP flexible installation, deployment
In order to increase the flexibility of the installation, the product offers a variety of mounting options, from 0° to 45° adjustment and 90° mounting brackets suitable for installation on street lamps, all of which can withstand 200 kilometers of wind per hour.
Edgecore WiFi Solution Centralized Management
Edgecore centralized AP management
When OAP100 is deployed and centrally managed by Edgecore EWS Controller or Private Cloud Controller, additional value-added applications such as user authentication, and captive portals can be used to provide an ideal solution for all types of businesses.
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