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Edgecore MetroLinq terragraph certified products, 60GHz 11ay solution, MLTG-CN
MLTG-CN is a Terragraph certified client node. MLTG-CN supports IEEE802.11ay standard to deliver high-speed Internet in a noise-free and unlicensed 60GHz spectrum. When connected with Terragraph certified distribution node, MLTG-CN can function as Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) to provide last mile wireless gigabit connectivity to the client site, such as warehouse, company building, or residential area.
MLTG-CN can also deliver Point-to-Point (PtP) wireless gigabit throughput for backhaul or last-mile access without the costly installation of cabled fiber.
Noise & License-free 60 GHz
Edgecore 60GHz 11ay solution
Edgecore Terragraph certified products utilize the 60 GHz mmWave band to enable the delivery of multi-gigabit connectivity wirelessly allowing quick roll-out of fiber-like wireless networks. The 60 GHz mmWave band offers unparalleled performance by combining both the benefits of unlicensed band operation with no interference. The vast bandwidth and unique signal-absorbing nature of the band limits interference and simplifies network planning, while the unlicensed nature of the spectrum helps to further minimize costs.
Time-division Multiple Access
Edgecore Terragraph certified products TDMA feature Time-division Multiple Access (TDMA) protocol enables unprecedented scalability, high throughput and low latency in unlicensed, multipoint networks. TDMA enables the allocation of different numbers of time slots per frame to different nodes. Thus, bandwidth can be supplied on demand to different nodes by concatenating or reassigning time slots based on priority. Since TDMA technology separates nodes according to time, it ensures that there will be no interference from simultaneous transmissions.
Beamforming Technology with Phased Array Antenna
MLTG products implement phased array antennas to retain the highly directional signal required for 60 GHz, while make it steerable to communicate over a wide area. With the beamforming technology, the distribution node communicates with the client node with a narrow and steerable beam. The narrow antenna beam is electronically steered towards each client node without affecting latency and ensures spatial interference immunity and higher uplink capacity for longer range due to high antenna gain. Edgecore Terragraph certified products, beamforming technology
MLTG-360 to 60 x MLTG-CN in a High-density PTMP Deployement
When MLTG-CN connected with MLTG-360, MLTG-CN can function as CPE to provide last-mile wireless gigabit connectivity. Each MLTG-DN can connect up to 60 MLTG-CN.
Edgecore Terragraph certified products, high density PtMP deployment
Warehouses Application Smart Pole Application
Edgecore Terragraph certified products, MLTG PtP warehouses application Edgecore Terragraph certified products, MLTG PTP PTMP smart pole application
Pole Mount with Hose Clamp Wall Mount
Edgecore Terragraph certified products, MLTG-CN pole mount Edgecore Terragraph certified products, MLTG-CN wall mount
Precision Bracket Options
Two optional brackets provide additional degrees of movement for antenna aligment
Edgecore Terragraph certified products, MLTG-CN precision bracket Edgecore Terragraph certified products, MLTG-CN precision bracket option
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Edgecore Terragraph and beyond in the 60 GHz mmWave band
Edgecore MetroLinq Terragraph Certified Products, 60GHz 11ay solution
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