Facilitate BYOD & Enrich Smart Learning with Secure, Scalable Wi-Fi
Edgecore WiFi Solution, Education Solution
With educational apps and videos making their way into classrooms, technology is now drastically changing the way students learn. With Edgecore Wi-Fi, campus can easily adapt to the new IT environment and provide students with an uninterrupted learning experience.
Schedule & Role-based User Access Control
Powerful Wi-Fi access control is necessary for schools to protect critical network resources, have complete visibility over all users and devices, and quickly respond to any potential network issues. Edgecore's role-based user policies provide school IT administrators with the tools to differentiate network access privileges between faculty members, students, and guests. Furthermore, each role can be assigned with unique access policies depending on schedule, and granted access to the network depending on the location of the Wi-Fi AP they are associated to.
Edgecore WiFi Solution, Role-based access control
Optimizing Wi-Fi Performance for High Density
Classrooms and lecture halls today are typically the locations in a school or university with the highest density of Wi-Fi devices. In order to facilitate an effective e-learning experience, Edgecore's access points and EWS gateways support robust performance during periods of higher concurrent association, DHCP requests, and authentication traffic. Furthermore, IT administrators can configure detailed connectivity thresholds on the access points to intelligently manage available wireless spectrum resources to guarantee smooth network performance.
Edgecore WiFi Solution, Optimizing wifi performance for high density
Traffic Prioritization for Reliable E-Learning
To ensure that teaching applications across Wi-Fi are not interrupted by regular student access, network administrators can use Edgecore's role-based traffic classification and QoS features to assign different priorities for each user role. For example, teachers can be given a higher priority over students, ensuring the smooth wireless transmission of teaching materials. This helps avoid potential network congestion or downtime, and ultimately increases the effectiveness of technology in the classroom.
Edgecore WiFi Solution, traffic prioritization for e-learning
Improving High-density Wireless Performance
In order to provide reliable Wi-Fi connectivity in high-density environments such as lecture halls or classrooms, it is often necessary to optimize the sensitivity of access points and more effectively filter out noise and interference sources. Edgecore APs come with the ability to automatically detect nearby wireless utilization and adjust the internal Clear Channel Assessment (CCA) threshold accordingly. As a result, the APs are able to transmit as often as possible without increasing wireless packet collision rate, leading to increased network capacity and an improved overall network performance.
Edgecore WiFi Solution, high-density wireless performance
Comprehensive Event Tracking
With increasing security regulations in education Wi-Fi deployments, WLAN education solutions need to be able to effectively track all network activity. Edgecore Controllers support numerous network logs and reporting mechanisms, such as the HTTP Web Log that records visited website histories of all users. Combined with the NAT Conversion Log, schools can easily trace internal to external network addresses when illegal or suspicious activities are performed. Finally, real-time e-mail notifications ensure that network downtime is minimized. Edgecore WiFi Solution, comprehensive event tracking
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