Multiple User Authentication Mechanisms for your Wireless Networks
Edgecore WiFi Solution, Wi-Fi authentication
Edgecore solution supports various methods for Wi-Fi user authentication that can be easily enforced across all deployment scenarios, including Enterprise authentication such as 802.1X and browser-based with existing internal/external databases and Guest authentication such as social media login, ensuring the proper identification of network users before granting access to the network.
Edgecore WiFi Solution Enterprise Authentication
Edgecore WiFi Solution, Enterprise Authentication
Edgecore’s WLAN solution supports 802.1X, browser-based authentication, and MAC-based authentication for large-scale wireless network such as campus or enterprise, providing a secure and reliable Wi-Fi experience for users.
Edgecore WiFi Solution Guest Authentication
Edgecore WiFi Solution, Guest Authentication
Guest Authentication provides a key component to the flexibility, providing administrators with the ability to selectively allow non-authenticated users access to network resources.
Edgecore WiFi Solution Customized Captive Portal
Edgecore WiFi Solution, Customized Captive Portal
Combined with Edgecore’s Service Zone architecture, network administrators can quickly enable multiple unique Wi-Fi login pages per deployment depending on various access point locations. Each login page is fully customizable to show unique branding or location-based advertisements, and can also be designed with customer-defined data fields for collecting relevant data for analytics and marketing.
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