Effective Centralized Wi-Fi AP Management
Edgecore WiFi Solution, AP Management
Edgecore EWS-series gateway-controllers come with a complete suite of AP management functionality to simplify the deployment and management of complex Wi-Fi networks. Template-based configuration allows network administrators to quickly update multiple APs’ settings from a single interface, while detailed information about each AP’s statistics and real-time email notifications helps increase troubleshooting efficiency. Finally, by grouping APs for load balancing and detecting rogue APs, organizations can ensure the performance of their wireless networks.
AP Discovery & Provisioning
AP Discovery & Provisioning
To ease network deployment, Edgecore WLAN gateway-controllers have the capability of performing Centralized Discovery and Provisioning of APs in the same Layer 2 subnet in their out of box default state. Upon successful discovery, administrators can then assign unique IP address and device names from the controller’s interface. Even if the APs have already been individually pre-configured with unique IP addresses, the controller can still discover all of them by simply scanning a user-defined IP address range. This discovery mechanism greatly reduces initial configuration effort while providing a flexibility that caters to the different habits of each network administrator.
Template-based AP Configuration Template-based AP Configuration
By configuring an AP template, which includes basic AP system settings as well as fine-grained VAP (virtual access point) settings such as ESSID name and WPA/WPA2 security, network administrators can quickly complete the deployment of hundreds of access points. For settings that typically vary between each AP, the controller provides the flexibility to customize each one individually during the initial discovery process, eliminating redundant or unnecessary tasks.
Managed Services with Flexible AP Grouping Managed Services with Flexible AP Grouping
Edgecore's solution allows organizations to assign access points to unique groups with corresponding geographical maps, each of which is managed by an independent network administrator. Multiple groups of APs can then be centrally monitored by a supervisor with a higher level of privileges. This flexibility enables new advertising and rental business models for Wi-Fi monetization.
Map-based AP Visualization Map-based AP Visualization
With Edgecore WLAN gateway-controllers, administrators can easily place APs on the integrated Google maps, and view AP status and associated client information with the simple click of a button. During troubleshooting of network issues, the map further serves as a quick reminder for the physical location of each deployed AP. Combined with easy provisioning of APs across layer 3 and the flexible per SSID tunneling options, Edgecore's solution makes it easy for deploy, monitor, and manage distributed site deployments.
AP Status Monitoring & Alerts AP Status Monitoring & Alerts
With increasing security regulations in both public and enterprise Wi-Fi deployments, WLAN solutions need to be able to effectively track all network activity. Edgecore offers a complete set of logs & reports from its monitoring interface, including user browsing histories, NAT conversion logs, and all authentication related events. Furthermore, the guest Wi-Fi platform allows administrators to aggregate unique user information such as social media profiles, cellular numbers, or e-mail addresses for detailed analytics or troubleshooting.
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