Find out how to simply improve user experience with Edgecore Latest Firmware v3.45.00
Edgecore released new firmware updates for its EWS-series Controllers and ECW/ECWO-series APs
Edgecore WiFi Solution, WLAN management solution
Key features updated in this version:
Edgecore WiFi Solution WYSIWYG Captive Portal Editor
Edgecore WYSIWYG editor, customized captive portal
Captive portals can do much more than just security purpose, like separating guest traffic and evaluating brand awareness. The EWS Controller provides an intuitive and easy-to-digest platform for customers to edit their own login page. The WYSIWYG Captive Portal Editor simplify the process of configuration. Meanwhile, YouTube advertisement, Facebook login and customized landing page are effective to increase the advertising reach and brand awareness.
Edgecore WiFi Solution Social Media Twitter and dAccount support in Social Media Login
Edgecore guest login, social media
Twitter and dAccount are added to the list of supported social media login. Twitter, one of the most popular social networking sites, is known as the real-time, public microblogging network where news breaks first. Besides, the dAccount is a free common ID that allows people other than DOCOMO to use various services in Japan. With social media login integration, guests can easily login to Wi-Fi using their Facebook, LINE, VK, Weibo, OpenID, Twitter, and dAccount accounts, allowing business owners to provide free Wi-Fi with additional tools for more effective customer insights and marketing.
Edgecore WiFi Solution Integration with InnKey PMS and IDS Next PMS
Edgecore pms integration, InnKey, IDS Next, Oracle Opera
The EWS Controller now supports Oracle Hospitality Opera PMS, InnKey PMS and IDS Next PMS. The integration of PMS and Edgecore EWS Controller allows for automatic account creation using guest check-in information and a consolidated room bill during check-out. Hotels can provide a managed Wi-Fi network without any middleware or additional tools, simplifying deployment and daily operation, reducing maintenance efforts, and keeping guests satisfied.
Edgecore WiFi Solution Centralized Switch Management
The EWS Controller comes with centralized switch management functions such as automatic discovery and provisioning, port-based power scheduling, and bulk firmware upgrade, helping the organizations to simplify the deployment and management of complex wireless networks.

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Edgecore WiFi Solution, centralized switch management
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